Rub-On your Filofax

Hi, I was crazy busy these weeks and now I finally get some time to update my DIYfish.

You might see that I posted this photo on my Facebook ~


I get some commends from Philofaxy FB Group that  asking me how and what I used to decorate my Finsbury, etc. etc. So I think I should take more photos to show you guys the details.

This is my Finsbury ~



The patterns on it are Rub-Ons. You can find here,

I applied them on my flyleaves as well as the leather~

017 015

019 020

Please always plan before you apply them on the leather. You can mix different designs, different brand Rub-Ons and apply them on the same binder.


“Does the rub-on come off easily?” — Good quality Rub-Ons won’t go off very fast. But rub-on is not sticker, it sooner or later will go off bit by bit and give us a vintage look. On the other hand, it is more gentle than sticker that won’t stick away the color of the leather too. You can always apply new pretty designs again. Please have a look at this,



Hope this is helpful. 😀

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